About us

We are two Danish musicians (buskers) who travel around the world and play music on the streets of many different cities. We live for the spontaneous and magical moments we share with people who happen to pass us on their way. Equipped with two excellent voices, a stage piano and a guitar the streets become our stages. Every day is a new adventure when you live the Life of a Busker.

Contact / Booking

If you wish to book us, hear about our travelling schedule, or have a ton of burning questions you need answered?

We are more than happy to help!

Join our adventure

If you want to follow along and be a part of our adventure, then go follow us on our Instagram. You can also find us on YouTube and Facebook . Hope to see you out there!

For buskers

Here you can find all the best busking tips and tricks about cities, our equipment and also hidden street performing secrets we have learned on our journeys. If you truly want to succeed as a busker, it is all about finding the right spot, having the right mentality and always giving a 110 percent of yourself and your talent.